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An Ochered Fossil Marine Shell From the Mousterian of Fumane Cave, Italy

On the antiquity of language: the reinterpretation of Neandertal linguistic capacities and its consequences

Middle Palaeolithic raw material gathering territories and human mobility in the southern Massif Central, France: first results from a petro-archaeological study on flint

El yacimiento chatelperroniense al aire libre de Aranbaltza (Barrika, Euskadi)

Mammoths used as food and building resources by Neanderthals: Zooarchaeological study applied to layer 4, Molodova I (Ukraine)

What makes us human? Answers from evolutionary anthropology

Birds of a feather: Neanderthal Exploitation of Raptors and Corvids

Neandertal mobility and large-game hunting: The explotation of reindeer during the Quina Mousterian at Chez-Pinaud Jonzac (Charente-Maritime, France)

Evidence for non-foraging sexual division of labor in Neandertals from the El Sidron site (Asturias, Spain)

Neandertals, early modern humans, and rodeo riders

Evidence of small fast game exploitation in the Middle Paleolithic of Les Canalettes Aveyron, France

Hafted armatures and multi-component tool design at the Micoquian site of Inden-Altdorf

European Neanderthal stone hunting weapons reveal complex behaviour long before the apperance of modern humans

Many awls in our argument. Bone tool manufacture and use in the Châtelperronian and Aurignacian levels of the Grotte du Renne at Arcy-sur-Cure

Nivel IX (Chatelperroniense) de Labeko Koba (Arrasate -Gipuzkoa): gestión de la industria lítica y función del sitio

Le Châtelperronien et ses rapports avec le Moustérien

Partial genetic turnover in neandertals: continuity in the east and population replacement in the west

Neandertal social structure?

Response to "Comment on Late Mousterian Persistence near the the Artic Circle"

Kalavan-2 (North of Lake Sevan, Armenia): A new Late Middle Paleolithic site in the Lesser Caucasus

Lumbar lordosis of Extinct Hominins

The earliest evidence for anatomically modern humans in northwestern Europe

A chronicle of crisis: The Late Mousterian in north Iberia (Cueva de El Esquilleu, Cantabria, Spain)

The reality of Neandertal Symbolic Behavior at the Grotte du Renne, Arcy-sur-cure, France

Earliest Known Use of Marine Resources by Neanderthals

Uluzzian bone technology and its implications for the origin of behavioural modernity

Late and final Mousterian setting in the Fosellone Cave (Latium, Italy)

Late Mousterian persistence near the Arctic Circle

Revised age of late Neanderthal occupation and the end of the Middle Paleolithic in the northern Caucasus

Strontium isotope evidence for migration in late Pleistocene Rangifer: Implications for Neandertal hunting strategies at the Middle Palaeolithic site of Jonzac, France

Un remontage exceptionnel à Tourville-la-Rivière (Seine-Maritime)

Compléments d’informations chronologiques sur le campement moustérien de tradition acheuléenne du gisement de La Folie (Poitiers, Vienne)

Hunting Behavior and Neanderthal adaptability in the Late Pleistocene site of Pech-de-l'Azé

Early Upper Palaeolithic archaeology at Beedings, West Sussex: new contexts for Pleistocene archaeology

Redefining Neanderthals and Art: an alternative interpretation of the Multiple Species Model for the origin of behavioural modernity

The history of stones: behavioural inferences and temporal resolution of an archaeological assemblage from the Middle Palaeolithic

Les fossiles de Cro-Magnon (Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, Dordogne). Nouvelles données sur leur position chronologique et leur attribution culturelle

Human consumption of tortoises at Level IV of Bolomor Cave (Valencia, Spain)

The Quaternary fossil record of the genus Testudo in the Iberian Peninsula. Archaeological implications and diachronic distribution in the western Mediterranean

New Data on the Late Neandertals: Direct Dating of the Belgian Spy Fossils

The complete mitochondrial DNA genome of an unknown hominin from southern Siberia

Has the notion of "transitions" in Paleolithic Prehistory outlived its usefulness? The European record in wider context

¿Homo loquens neanderthalensis? En torno a las capacidades simbólicas y lingüísticas del Neandertal

Pigments, gravures, parures: Les comportements symboliques controversées des Néandertaliens

A Niche Construction Perspective on the Middle–Upper Paleolithic Transition in Italy

Phytolith evidence for hearths and beds in the late Mousterian occupations of Esquilleu cave (Cantabria, Spain)

Chronology of the Grotte du Renne (France) and implications for the context of ornaments and human remains within the Chatelperronian

Neanderthal children and their flints

Coastal wetlands and the Neanderthal settlement of Portuguese Estremadura

The emergence of modern-like forager capacities & behaviours in Africa and Europe: Abrupt or gradual, biological o demographic?

Late Neandertals and the intentional removal of feathers as evidenced from bird bone taphonomy at Fumane Cave 44 ky B.P., Italy